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Rider Policy and Forms

Periodic opportunities exist that allow individuals that are not members of the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department to gain permission to "ride out" with members of the department. The primary purpose of these approvals is to help provide a better understanding of our service delivery. Permission to "ride out" will be given as either a volunteer observer only or a student rider that is affiliated with an approved agency. Requests can be made for "ride outs" on Fire Apparatus or EMS vehicles. Each request gets reviewed individually and approved for that specific "ride out".

The volunteer observer is there to merely observe operational activities and the actions of the personnel on scene. Assisting the crews with patient care or interference of any treatment will not be allowed. Approval to ride Fire Engines and Trucks will be granted in only special situations; therefore, most requests to ride Fire Apparatus will be approved to ride with Battalion Chiefs in their vehicles. Under the new HIPPA rules, spouses, relatives and friends can no longer receive approval to "ride out".

Volunteer observers are allowed one (1) "ride out" per month not to exceed the yearly maximum of twelve (12) "ride outs". All requests should be forwarded to ERB Deputy Chief or EMS Deputy Chief through the station officer. Each request must have all forms completed, validated and on file before approval and the subsequent "ride out". In addition, an initial background check will be required. Thus, all riders must disclose any prior convictions or pending criminal charges on the application. Please submit all forms (links located below), through the correct channels, 14 days prior to the anticipated "ride out" date. Approvals and denials will be disseminated to the requestor and if approved, a date will be scheduled. The approved individual must present the approval form to the station officer upon arrival on the date of "ride out".

All riders will wear conservative attire in color and style. Shirts/blouses should be solid in color and pants/jeans should not be overly worn or faded. No T-shirts or sleeveless shirts/blouses will be allowed. No weapons or recording devices should accompany the rider at any time. Utilize the links below to access required forms. Please note that all volunteer observers must sign a copy of the DFR Privacy Policies and Procedures to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the information contain within.

Required Waivers and Forms

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