Emergency Response & Special Operations

Emergency Response Bureau and Special Operations

The Emergency Response Bureau and Special Operations is managed by Assistant Chief Randall Stidham. The bureau encompasses two Operational divisions, one of which known as Emergency Response, consists of the normal fire suppression and emergency first responder calls. This division is most noted for its day-to-day operations people are generally acquainted with. The Emergency Response personnel are involved in continuing education, skills training, officer enrichment programs, and elementary school outreach programs. The other, known as Special Operations, is made of specialty trained teams called upon during compromising or high risk situations. The different Specialty teams utilize grant money to fund extensive certification training and acquire sophisticated equipment utilized during rescues. These teams train regularly preparing themselves to provide both expertise and efficiency when participating in Wildland fires encroaching on urban housing, Water Rescues of any type, Hazardous Material involved incidents, or Rescues involving awkward situations. These teams occasionally respond outside the city to large scale incidents when required by the state.

Emergency Response

The Emergency Response Division provides the residents of Dallas with fire suppression and protection, emergency rescue capabilities, and emergency medical first responder services. Customer Service is our primary goal for the citizens of Dallas, to be obtained through providing safety, mitigating emergency situations, and reducing loss of any kind. To learn more about the resources, equipment, and stations available to provide those customer services see Learn more about Emergency Response

Special Operations

The Special Operations Division consists of personnel that are certified firefighters and receive specialized training in HazMat, Swift Water, Wildland Urban Interface or Urban Search and Rescue. Through extensive training, these teams have prepared themselves to be deployed and engage in emergencies both locally and statewide. To learn more about their specific disciplines and capabilities that potentially impact our community and state see Learn more about Special Operations

Robert Valles
Deputy Chief
Special Operations
Threat Advisory
The United States government's national threat level is Elevated, or Yellow. For all domestic and international flights, the U.S. threat level is High, or Orange.
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