Fire Stations

Quick Facts:

4211 Northhaven Road
Dallas, TX

Built: 1978
Council District: No. 13
Equipment Assignments

Station No. 2

Station 2 was built in 1978, at a cost of $844,000. It has 8,516 square feet and 3 bays apparatus room. The station located in North Dallas serves a predominantly residential area, although several business complexes are within the first-alarm district.

This was the first Fire Station to have an architectural prerequisite that it blend with the residences in the neighborhood. Therefore, the apparatus entrance to the building is from the east side, instead of the south front. A person unfamiliar with the station's appearance or location could easily mistake it for a house.

The first Station 2 was built in the late 1880s at Commerce and Hawkins streets. History is scant about the station. However, retired DFD Captain Hank May recalls that in the spring of 1902 a stray dog wandered into the horse stalls at Station 2 and bit one of the horses, "Old George," on the nose. "Old George" threw the dog; firefighters hearing the commotion came and threw the dog out and doctored the horse's nose. Weeks later, on July 9, a general alarm fire occurred at Patton Worsham drug warehouse. Many firefighters were injured, but the majority with cuts and scrapes. "Old George" barely made it back to the station. Once in his stall, he suddenly bit driver John Coffman. He continued to act up, and attempts by firefighters to quiet him were useless. Eventually, the firefighters had to tie him in the stall and nail boards over the entrance to his stall because of his furious kicking. By morning, "Old George" was quiet; he had died. The veterinarian determined the horse had died of rabies; the firefighters remembered the dog biting him earlier. Since all the firefighters had helped handled "Old George" with their cuts and scrapes, it was feared they too could contact rabies. Thus, all these firefighters were sent to the Pasteur Institute in St. Louis for rabies treatment.

We Need Your Help
Several fire stations are currently in need a several priority items. We would appreciate your donation.
Adopt A Station
The Adopt A Station project was recently launched to allow citizens to help with station projects.
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