Fire Stations

Quick Facts:

2002 Cool Mist Lane
Dallas, TX

Built: 1989
Council District: No. 8
Equipment Assignments
Engine/Rescue 9
Booster 9

Station No. 9

Station #9 moved into their new station, located at 2002 Cool Mist Lane on the service road of C.F. Hawn Freeway in 1989. This was a welcome move from the old remodeled City Hall / Police Station / Fire Station that had housed the station since the annexation.

Station #9 opened on April 1, 1978, to protect the newly annexed former City of Kleberg. Prior to the Dallas Fire Department's assuming emergency responsibilities, the Kleberg Volunteer Fire Department operated several pieces of emergency equipment, which became property of the City of Dallas. Dallas subsequently replaced much of this equipment. The original Captains opening Station #9 were E. R. Sipes, (now Battalion 4), retired J. O. Blakely, and the late Jimmy Don Beets.

With Station #9 as the first paramedic engine company, DFD experienced "growing pains" in adapting to this dual apparatus assignment. The Computer Assisted Dispatch system frequently required manual override. The computer recognized Engine 9 and 709 as two separate identities, thus assigning that particular apparatus as both the engine and the MICU for the run. The Communications Division then would have to manually assign either a second engine or dispatch an MICU to assist the company. However, the dual apparatus concept has proven to be useful and cost-effective. Currently the Dallas Fire Department has two other paramedic engines.

A knowledge of area residents was needed during those first days of Station #9 since many calls for help came directly to the station with the only location reference being a particular family's house. Without the aid of block numbers, cross streets or boxes, the new members at Station #9 initially relied on a former Kleberg Volunteer Fire Department Captain who monitored calls and provided directions.

Prior to being a Dallas Fire Department Station the building served as Kleberg City Hall/Police Station/Fire Station. (The building was divided into three different rooms without connecting doors.) The first few weeks of DFD station life were quite hectic since the only amenities were running water and one bathroom. Without a kitchen, crews ate meals at a nearby caf while monitoring the radio. The bedroom was also minus a wall. Personnel hung a tarp temporarily for a makeshift wall; however, this caused problems with night insects "bugging" the firefighters. All this has since changed, with the addition of new kitchen facilities, a new bathroom, and renovation to the bedroom. Plans already are underway to construct a new fire station two blocks away.

One of the funniest of Station #9's calls occurred on B Shift. The speakers opened announcing: "709, injured person. This will be a person struck by a goat." Firefighter/Paramedics arrived to find an elderly woman who, while bent over pulling weeds, was struck by a pet billy goat. The injuries were minor. Paramedics left the scene after rendering sympathetic support.

We Need Your Help
Several fire stations are currently in need a several priority items. We would appreciate your donation.
Adopt A Station
The Adopt A Station project was recently launched to allow citizens to help with station projects.
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