Fire Stations

Quick Facts:

4451 Frankford Road
Dallas, TX

Built: 1984
Council District: No. 12
Equipment Assignments
Truck 10
Rescue 10

Station No. 10

The opening of Station #10 on April 17, 1984, marked a "golden anniversary" for the Dallas Fire Department. It was the City's fiftieth fire station and was the first station located in Collin County. Station #10 is a one-and-a-half bay facility, equipped with a paramedic engine. This means all personnel except the Captains were paramedics since the engine was established for emergency medical service response. With a red brick exterior and flat composition roof, the station has approximately 5,500 square feet. Station #10 cost $518,000, and was funded by the 1978 bond issue.

The current Station #10 is situated on a 40,000 square foot lot, and landscaped with shrubs, oak and elm trees. An underground sprinkler system assists in grounds maintenance.

The first Station #10 was what the Department today knows as "Old Tige" or Station #5, 3801 Parry Avenue, home of the current Dallas Firefighters Museum. However, because of the location of the station across from the fairgrounds, few people knew the station by its rightful number. Rather, it was called the "Fair Park Station"-even in "The Man in the Leather Helmet," a pictorial history of the DFD published by the "Dallas Firemen's Relief Fund" in 1931.

Then, in the 1920s, the DFD installed a system in the Communications Division known as the Gamewell joker system. Then, like now, the dispatcher notified the companies of a box alarm through radio communications. As a back-up, the box was transmitted on ticker tape (the Gamewell joker system). But how does one punch a zero on tape? Thus, there were no box numbers with zero.

The joker system also was used to designate apparatus in-or out-of-service. Since apparatus numbers do correspond to station numbers, there could not be stations ending in zero. Thus, when the first Station #5 closed, and the joker system installed, #10 was renamed #5.


An Engine 10 did exist in the "joker dispatch era" because 10 ticker tapes holes weren't too long.

But it also was "technology" that allowed the DFD to give the zero back its rightful status as a numeral. In 1978, the Department began the Computer Assisted Dispatch system which has no numerical limitations.

Thus, the fire station master plan process (long range selection of sites for future construction) is assigning the skipped numbers. The never-used numbers, such as 30, 40 and 50, also will be "picked up" as new fire stations are constructed.

We Need Your Help
Several fire stations are currently in need a several priority items. We would appreciate your donation.
Adopt A Station
The Adopt A Station project was recently launched to allow citizens to help with station projects.
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