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1005 West Twelfth Street
Dallas, TX

Built: 1966
Council District: No. 1
Equipment Assignments

Station No. 14

Station #14 was dedicated on March 11, 1966 by Dallas Mayor Erik Jonsson to primarily serve the North Central Oak Cliff area. The three bay, one story station contains 6,836 square feet. In a primarily residential district, the engine responds mostly to one alarm incidents. The MICU predominately answers trauma calls, although several cardiac incidents occur in the area because of the number of elderly citizens residing in Station #14's first alarm area.

Originally Station #14, built between 1911 and 1915, was located at 834 West Tenth Street. The first #14 was a two story station with an American LaFrance 1,000 gpm pumper, an American LaFrance hook and ladder truck, and a Packard Roadster, which served as a chemical truck. The building was sold to the Grace Temple Baptist Church which still uses the facility as an educational building.

The atmosphere at the present Station #14 is relaxed and friendly. The commitment of Station #14 firefighters to the community is one reason why area citizens spend much time visiting the station. An example of this dedication is the true story of "400 North Montclair Avenue." For firefighters assigned to #14's, this address and the Christmas season go together. During the 1982 Christmas season, firefighters were called to a one alarm blaze at that address. They found a chimney fire had spread to an interior wall of the house. The fire was extinguished with little damage to the structure. In 1983, again during the Christmas season, the same incident occurred. The firefighters extinguished the fire and discovered the culprit as loose mortar that allowed the heat and flame to penetrate into the interior wall. In 1984, as a public service, firefighters went to the residence and inspected the chimney.

The most dramatic fire answered by firefighters assigned to Station #14 occurred March 5, 1983. Firefighters were dispatched to the Western Auto Store at 337 East Ledbetter Drive; the fire spread to a 4 alarm. Seven firefighters were injured including Jack Hughes, second driver on Engine 14 C, who suffered from severe smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion while fighting fire. All injured firefighters recovered and returned to active duty. For Hughes, returning meant assuming his gourmet cooking duty, as well as other firefighting jobs. Meal time is a highlight for C shift firefighters. Second driver Tom Cooper says, "Jack not only cooks a great meal, but he presents it well. It looks great!" Jack also manages the eating fund finances so well, that the budget hasn't run in deficit for years. And the food lockers are so well stocked with canned goods that the crew can hardly squeeze more food in.

We Need Your Help
Several fire stations are currently in need a several priority items. We would appreciate your donation.
Adopt A Station
The Adopt A Station project was recently launched to allow citizens to help with station projects.
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