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5600 East Grand Avenue
Dallas, TX

Built: 1923
Council District: No. 2
Equipment Assignments
Rescue 19

Station No. 19

The newest change at Station 19 is inclusion in the Urban Search and Rescue team. When a call for volunteers for the new Urban Search and Rescue team was sent out, all 3 shifts at Station 19 volunteered for the program. After two years of training and the addition a new USAR 19 vehicle, the Dallas USAR team, TX-TF2 was officially put in service in 2007.

Station #19 has a unique location, in that its grounds are actually a part of Samuell Grand Park. When Dr. W. W. Samuell donated this land to the city for a park, he also put a stipulation in the deed that the City would build and maintain a fire station at the corner of East Grand and Samuell Blvd. Therefore, when a new fire station was needed to replace "old" Station #19, which had been built in 1923, the City built the new station next door to the old one. When the new Station #19 was finished, the old station was torn down and a brick fence was erected around the boundaries of the property so that legally the station was considered still on the "corner." The "new" Station #19 held an open house September 12, 1971, with 394 people in attendance.

Station #19 is one of the few Dallas stations with a drive through apparatus room. When Station #19 was being built in 1970, the City extended Winslow Avenue from Samuell Blvd. to East Grand Ave to construct this drive through apparatus room. Therefore, the station sits on a triangular piece of land bounded by East Grand, Samuell, and Winslow. The three bay station houses an engine company, truck company and a rescue.

When the station opened in 1971, two firefighters picked up their gear and walked from old #19 to the new one. Hubert Collins, second driver, C shift, has spent 27 years at #19. Capt. H. A. Munro, B shift, has spent 17 of his 30 years with the Department at this station.

One of the largest fires answered by engine and truck 19 on the first alarm was a five alarm fire at the East Grand Salvage Company, 5400 East Grand Ave, on July 6, 1983.

Another memorable fire occurred at 3810 Samuell Blvd. the night of October 9, 1975. Firefighters answered a three alarm fire at the Log Tavern, a popular dance hall. Station #19 firefighter Benny Carroll, died from smoke inhalation at this incident.

Station #19 is the only DFD station with a "house mother." Although she doesn't live at the station, citizen Lucille Rowland-otherwise known as "Granny"-brings pies and cakes to the firefighters regularly. Granny has been keeping watch over Station #19 for the past ten years. When asked what they liked best about Station #19, firefighters all agree: since the station property is part of the City's parks and recreation department, park personnel maintain #19 grounds (a separate building inside the station's grounds stores the Park Department's landscaping equipment.) Fire fighters also enjoy the barbecue pit built by B shift. The hose rack was constructed by all three shifts.

We Need Your Help
Several fire stations are currently in need a several priority items. We would appreciate your donation.
Adopt A Station
The Adopt A Station project was recently launched to allow citizens to help with station projects.
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