Fire Stations

Quick Facts:

6600 Trammel Drive
Dallas, TX

Built: 1966
Council District: No. 9
Equipment Assignments
Division I Deputy Chief 806

Station No. 55

Fire station #55 opened February 1, 1966. It has 2 full bays and 1/2 bay and contains 8,735 square feet. The first alarm district of #55 is mostly residential. It is comprised of hundreds of acres of apartments.

Located beside a park, Station #55 has some lovely rolling scenery-landscape which caused some heartache for crews when their brand-new red engine rolled out of the station, across the street and into a creek. This 1984 incident, known as "The Call of the Wild" is the station's most famous-or infamous-run. The engine was dubbed the "Ditch Witch." As a result of the station slope, #55 uses unusually high chock blocks to prevent apparatus from escaping.

We Need Your Help
Several fire stations are currently in need a several priority items. We would appreciate your donation.
Adopt A Station
The Adopt A Station project was recently launched to allow citizens to help with station projects.
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