Arson Investigations

The Fire Investigation and Explosive Ordnance Division of the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department is responsible for determining the origin, cause, and circumstances of fires that occur in the City of Dallas and protecting the population from explosive devices. The divisions nineteen arson and fire investigators are sworn peace officers and enforce the laws of the State of Texas pertaining to arson and malicious false alarms. They are specially trained in the discovery, preservation, and presentation of evidence in proving the crime of arson.

The Fire Investigators of Dallas Fire-Rescue investigate hundreds of fires each year that are determined to be intentionally set or incendiary in origin. Incendiary blazes are responsible for a large percentage of the annual fire loss within the City of Dallas and result in several fire fatalities each year. These malicious and criminal acts affect everyone within our communities. Burned structures blight our neighborhoods, lower property values, and cause increases in insurance rates.

It is an unfortunate fact that a large percentage of all arson fires in Dallas and nationally go unsolved and the responsible parties are never brought to justice. If you have information concerning any incendiary fire incident in Dallas or elsewhere you can assist investigators by contacting the Arson and Fire Investigation Division of the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department at 214-670-4312.

Call (214) 670-4312 to Report an Arsonist!

Eric Beal
Deputy Chief
Arson Investigation & E.O.D.
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