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Wildland Firefighting Teams

The primary mission of the Dallas Fire-Rescue Wildland Firefighting Team is to utilize wildland firefighting techniques and tactics to control and/or extinguish large brush fires and urban interface fires in Dallas as well as around the state when on assistance assignments. The team will provide safe, effective support for wildland fire operations as well as other all-risk incidents within the qualifications and skills of team personnel.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue Wildland Firefighting Team consists of ninety (90) trained and credentialed wildland firefighters distributed by structural rank and corresponding wildland qualifications. They are further configured into Strike Teams and Hand Crews as needed for state assignments. The rank structure of the team is;

  • 6 – Battalion Chiefs (Strike Team Leaders)
  • 24 – Company Officers (Engine Bosses)
  • 60 – Non-officers (Wildland Firefighters)

The Department Hand Crew is organized into three (3) short-crews of 8 wildland firefighters each. These short-crews can be further broken down into two (2) squads of 4 wildland firefighters when needed. Each Department work shift has a Short Hand Crew assigned. This configuration makes it easier for each crew to train and workout together, thereby replicating the cohesion of a federal crew.

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