Chaplain Services

Chaplain Services Staff:

Chaplain Willie Range
Assistant Chaplain Elaine Maddox
Office Assistant Venisa Langley

Services Provided by Chaplains:
  • Responds to all fire department members needs.
  • Provides guidance and counseling for fire personnel with personal, family and job related problems.
  • Station visitation to develop and maintain relationships with personnel.
  • Reports to hospital in case of major injuries, notifies family members, and provides transportation if needed. Works with family members of deceased Firefighters, making sure they are aware of all benefits available to them.
  • Internal relations such as Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Burial Fund.
  • Assist the Salvation Army and American Red Cross with disaster relief and the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).
  • The Chaplains will conduct weddings, religious activities, and funeral/memorial services.
  • Attends graduations, award ceremonies, and social events and participates when requested.
  • Provides citizens with fans during the hot summer months or heaters in the winter.
  • Provides referral assistance to citizens by directing them to various help agencies in the Dallas Metroplex.
  • Assist with making food donations to the North Texas Food Bank.
  • Provides toy assistance to various shelters and agencies.
  • Assist with mutual aide to other fire departments.

Chaplain Willie Range and Assistant Chaplain Elaine Maddox are on call 24 hours. Chaplain Range can be reached at 469-323-5890 or Chaplain Maddox can be reached at 469-323-5891.

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