The Dodd J. Miller Training Center is located at 5000 Dolphin Road. The Training Center was completed in 1987 and contains 17,000 square feet of classrooms, an apparatus room, and offices. In addition, there is a driving course, a flashover chamber, a railroad tank car, a 7 story commercial simulator, a 3 story open drill tower, and residence simulator.
The Clothing and Supply Section is responsible for quartermaster services including firefighter personal protective ensembles, uniforms, fire station supplies, emergency medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. This section is in a 20,200 sq. ft. facility.


Dallas Fire-Rescue Recruiters are responsible for processing candidates for all uniformed Trainee Fire Rescue Officers (TFRO) and Trainee Fire Prevention Officers (TFPO) for employment. Our Recruiters oversee an eight-week training and mentoring program, to prepare TFRO applicants for the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT). Recruiters annually process approximately 1000 TFRO, and 300 TFPO applicants. Additionally, Recruiters serve as a public face for DFR, through participation in area public schools Career Days and local Job/Career Fairs.

Candidates Attending Dolphin Road
Job Fair

Firefighter Demonstrating Hose
Pull for CPAT

Girl Scouts Attending Women's Day
at Dolphin Road Career Fire

Dallas Fire-Rescue Application
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Instructions: Search for Fire, then select Firefighter from the drop-down menu


  • Forty-five (45) semester credit hrs. with a GPA of (C) 2.0 or greater from an regionally accredited College or University (excluding developmental courses) OR a minimum of four (4) years of active military service with the Armed Forces of the United States with an “honorable discharge”. (DD214 required)
  • Must be at least eighteen years of age to apply but not have turned 36 by the date that you take the Civil Service written test.
  • Valid Driver’s License with a good driving record
  • Pass the Departments Candidate Physical Agility Test.
  • Vision (20/40 in one eye & 20/100 in other eye correctable to 20/20 and 20/40)
  • Satisfactory employment record.
  • Free from use of controlled substances or excessive use of alcohol.
  • Must not have been convicted of any serious crime and or have criminal charges pending.


  • Paid Academy
  • Insurance- Life, Health, Dental and Vision
  • Pension Plan plus optional 401K and 457 plans
  • Work approximately 10 days per month (shift)


The Dallas Fire-Fire Rescue Department uses the Candidate Physical Agility Test as part of our application process. We offer a ten-week mentorship program to prepare applicants for the test. However, it is recognized that some individuals may be capable of passing CPAT without participation in this program. These individuals may excuse themselves from participation in the mentorship program upon the receipt by the fire department of a written and signed waiver, acknowledging that the fire department made the program available and that the candidate knowingly and voluntarily waived participation in the orientation and practice sessions.

If you do not wish to participate in the Mentorship Program, you must fill out the Waiver of Practice Form and submit it with your Personal History Packet. If you do wish to participate in the Mentorship program, you must complete the Mentorship Program Liability Waiver and submit it with your Personal History Packet. These forms can be found here:

CPAT Waiver of Practice Form
Mentorship Program Liability Waiver

There are several resources to assist you in preparing for the CPAT. You may find the Orientation Session online at: CPAT Orientation Video. In addition, you can download the Orientation Guide and Candidate Preparation Guides here:

CPAT Candidate Preparation Guide
CPAT Orientation Guide

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