The Dodd J. Miller Training Center is located at 5000 Dolphin Road. The Training Center was completed in 1987 and contains 17,000 square feet of classrooms, an apparatus room, and offices. In addition, there is a driving course, a flashover chamber, a railroad tank car, a 7 story commercial simulator, a 3 story open drill tower, and residence simulator.
The Clothing and Supply Section is responsible for quartermaster services including firefighter personal protective ensembles, uniforms, fire station supplies, emergency medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. This section is in a 20,200 sq. ft. facility.

Safety and Wellness

The Safety Division encompasses several distinct areas of responsibility: the Safety Program, Wellness and Fitness Program and the Respiratory Protection Program. The current Safety Officer for the Department is Chief Robert Myers.

The Safety Program oversees the Department's Collision Review Program and Injury Investigation. This includes data collection and aggregated data dissemination.

The Wellness and Fitness Program is coordinated by Captain Brian Allen. This program is designed to provide a comprehensive medical physical evaluation of each member assigned to the Emergency Response Bureau. A fitness evaluation is also included for each member. The purpose of the program is to reduce injuries through increased levels of physical fitness, providing early detection and treatment of serious medical conditions, and to promote an increased level of overall health and fitness. The ultimate desired outcome of the program is to ensure firefighters are prepared physically to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

The Respiratory Protection Program is coordinated by Lieutenant Julian V. Almaguer. This program is currently tasked with the maintenance of the Department's Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) inventory. This includes ensuring continued compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements. Additionally, the program coordinator is responsible for oversight and maintenance of the Department's thermal imaging cameras.

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